Having embroidered patches makes you stand out from the crowd while having one that is completely custom made for you using your design make you unique among all of them.

Embroidered patches may be used as a personal identification mark or be used as an identification mark of the function or an institution

Here are some of the things to take notice when ordering custom patches

  • Quality of machines used.

Quality of machine is an important factor as the better quality the machine has means that you can get the details of the patch recreated with maximum quality and color. These days machines made from the western countries are used due to the increased quality of them and also their low cost of maintenance.

  • Quality of materials used.

The materials used to make the patches are also important for the customers as they determine the different ways that can be used to stick the patches to the fabrics. They also determine the cost of the productions; better quality materials will last longer and can be stuck on different fabrics using different methods.

  • The method used to stick the patches.

There is a wide selection of methods to stick a patch into the fabric. These different methods are for different purposes, some are for permanent attachments, while some are for a few days and some will only last a few hours. So there is a need for the type of sticking method to mention so that the manufacturer can choose the materials according to the sticking methods.

  • On what the patches will be used.

The sticking methods are also dependent on what fabric the patch is meant to be stuck into. Some may need the patches to be stuck on bags, while some may need them to stick on uniforms or jackets as a source of identifications.

Taking care of all the factors mentioned above will give you the best company to print your custom embroidered patches at your selected budget.