It is true that a lot of people are using a bandana just like a usual handkerchief. But for those who are into fashion, it is more than a hanky. They use it as an accessory to complete their sense of style. Some people may not be able to appreciate its purpose like that, but it is because they do not have the skills on how to wear it right. I guess, if you could only practice different ways on how to tie it on your head, neck or waist, then you will surely start wearing it, too.

Anyway, if you want to use it for your daily style, then you should find a shop for a bandana supply, so that you can choose a design. You should know that this garment comes in various colors as well. I supposed, you would like to get a bunch of it because you would surely want to use a different one for your daily outfit. I know that this fabric is an affordable piece. Therefore, you can always buy as many as you can.

By the way, as a lady, who would like a bandana to be a part of their fashion sense, it would be great to be familiarized with various ways on how you will tie this on your head. That’s why we have here a few of the styles that you would surely want to talk about. Anyway, the simple know, bow, biker and sweet band are the most common styles that you should learn and practice doing at home.

Biker Style

You do not need to be a real biker to use a bandana as your hat. Actually, this is named as a biker because it is good to use, especially when you do not have anything to cover and protect your head from sunlight. This do-rag sense of fashion will surely match everybody, regardless of your gender and age.

Actually, learning this is very simple – go to for a quick view. Again, do not forget to brush your hair. Now, simply fold the garment into a half. After that, wrap the garment around the head. And then, tie the loose ends in the crown area. It does not matter if your hair is pony tailed or not. It will also look pretty on your long or short hair.

Simple Knotting

Here, you have to make sure that your hair is properly brushed to be cleared from the tangles. It is also important to use a teaser comb because you need this for randomly teasing the front part as well as the crown of your hair.

With this simple type, you may tie your hair up or let it loose down. Knot it in front and make sure it is under the pony, if you have tied it up. Actually, this will definitely look good on ladies with short and long hair.

Sweet Band

Another style that you can surely do at home is the sweet band. This is an ideal and chick look for individuals, who likes outdoor activities. This looks cool when you want a pony tail as well as chignon look. By the way, you may also use bobby pins, if you wish, just to make things clean.

To do this, get your garment and start folding it with an inch wide. Start wrapping this around your head. Make sure to make the tie on your neck’s nape. Simply tuck the rest of the bandana. Read this to learn more about how to tie the sweet band.

Bow Style

We have another easy way of using a bandana. If you know how to make a ribbon on your shoelace, then this would surely take once or twice to master. Try to imagine making a bow on a lace and you will see that it is simple. Therefore, expect to be a professional with this in a couple of minutes.

All you have to do is to fold the fabric until it reaches about two inches in width. Wrap it around your head and under your neck. Make sure to tie the loose ends, which are supposed to be at the top. Now, you can make a bow out of the remaining ends.